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Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge!

I’ve got two for you!  Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge! Put 8-12 random objects in a bag or even a pillowcase.  Each family member can walk around the house and bring (sneak) their three or four objects, hiding them and adding them to the bag.  Make sure no one… Read more »

Quarantine Track Meet: Quarantine Does Not Mean Borentine!

Growing up, our yard was big.  As a kid from a small town, having a yard meant having a playground.  I suppose that feeling and this fact has stood the test of time.  From a baseball diamond to a fort and tree house building paradise, one memory jumps out at this time as I’m thinking… Read more »

Ask the Coach: Choosing the Right Camp

It’s time!  We are all thinking about summer enrichment programs for our kids: mind and body strengthening, exploring their passions, and simply enjoying friends and the hobbies, activities and games they love!  It’s also about a time of experimenting with new challenges. Summer camp should have a special blend of having fun while learning and improving. While… Read more »

Volleyball Academies at the JCC!

One beautiful piece of the COACH ‘EM UP puzzle is connecting with new gyms, new directors, new families, and new children! What a wonderful experience it has been making new friends with the folks at the Jewish Community Center! CEU is thrilled to be a part of a warm and welcoming group of folks – come join us… Read more »

Cierra’s Top 3

Cierra is an eighth grader in Austin, Texas who plays volleyball for her school and a club. She has attended many Coach ‘Em Up events over the past five years and has become a CEU Mentor to aspiring volleyball players. She recently sustained a season-ending injury and we asked her to share the Top 3… Read more »

Thank you Pistol Pete!

It’s in the innocence of turning a thought, someone else’s skill, into a skill of your own that makes it a very special moment. The visual learner can’t watch the movie enough; slowing down the footage and studying each detail closely. The audio learner listens so intently to the coach explaining how to “feel” the move; it’s rhythm,… Read more »

Coach ‘Em Up Kid Success Story

  One of, if not the most exciting and rewarding parts of coaching is seeing players grow, learn, and ultimately meet their goals! COACH ‘EM UP is proud of ALL our student-athletes for trying hard, working hard, and giving their best effort. We see “success” in many forms and we have had many of you share your… Read more »

Summer Camp Memories

“SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!” Yes, a quote from one of our favorite mascaraed friends, Alice Cooper! School being out means SUMMER CAMPS!!!  But, it didn’t always ……. I may be aging myself just a little (or perhaps I already have, quoting Mr. Cooper) but I can’t help but think about those awesome summer days in… Read more »

A Tribute to the Kids

My new website went “live” just a few days ago. The question has been, “what will be my first blog?” After only minutes of considering writing about the importance of proper footwork, or telling the story of the 6 year old who reported back to her family the importance of a good basketball shooting form… Read more »