Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge!

I’ve got two for you!  Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge!

Put 8-12 random objects in a bag or even a pillowcase.  Each family member can walk around the house and bring (sneak) their three or four objects, hiding them and adding them to the bag.  Make sure no one sees one another’s objects. As a family, decide how many objects each family member may draw – I suggest 4 or 5. Each member walks up to the bag, unable to see inside of it, and draws one object at a time.  Go around until all are set with their objects. 

Now – the fun!  It’s improv time!  One at a time, family members will perform a skit, commercial, live ‘on the scene’ feed, news or weather forecast, a day in the life of a lion tamer, or some fun, random concept.  The stage is set with the object he/she grabbed and the only real rule of the performance is – you must use all of your selected objects. You can partner up or have fun entertaining solo!  You can perform a “musical” or perhaps add some “interpretive dance”. Advanced level: See who can quickly guess your role or put scenes in a bowl to draw and work the objects into the scene!

Next, let’s add a little movement and even some fitness fun into your TV time!  Today we have so many ways of watching TV where commercials are not a factor. If that’s the case, designate a PAUSE-button pillow.  Place this pillow in the middle of the room. Randomly, family members can pause the movie by hitting the pause-pillow (and one person in control of the remote) and once paused, let’s exercise!  ALL must follow the lead of the pause-button pusher. He/she can direct push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, planks, jog in place, tricep dips…..

If you are old school flipping channels and find a show or movie you’re all watching, let’s all jump up on every commercial.  A commercial means move! Go around the room so the next exercise director knows what he/she is going to do before that next commercial comes around.

We’d love to see what you come up with!  Please send pics or post using #coachemup_llc so others may run with your ideas and share in the fun!

Thank you.

Deborah Newkirk, Founder | COACH ‘EM UP