Category: Quarantine, not Borentine!

Hopscotch Engineers

Walking around my neighborhood I see more and more of two things;  brilliant works of art featured on front windows and chalk art filling driveways and sidewalks.  I love it!  I’m grateful for the sweet and thoughtful little girl across the street who quickly produced another rainbow portrait by simply passing along a compliment of… Read more »

Dictionary Races: Quarantine, not Borentine

“Sound it Out!” When asking, “how do you spell…..?” the answer was always the same, “look it up!”   Now I, for one, never understood the concept of how to look up a word in the dictionary when you did not know how to spell it in the first place.  Is it one of those… Read more »

Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge!

I’ve got two for you!  Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge! Put 8-12 random objects in a bag or even a pillowcase.  Each family member can walk around the house and bring (sneak) their three or four objects, hiding them and adding them to the bag.  Make sure no one… Read more »