Virtual Training on Zoom

All instruction presented by Founder, Coach Deborah Newkirk

“I’m thrilled to be back home!  I invite your child(ren) to join me in having fun, improving their skills, getting in a good sport-specific or general fitness workout, and becoming smarter and more confident at what they love to do.  This will be an engaging not-sit-in-front-of-your-computer time together and we will make sure they are on course.”

Email me to reserve your child’s Zoom spot! 
I know that the pandemic is impacting our finances in different ways, so all classes are pay-what-you-can. I’ll send you the Zoom link, online waiver, and payment information when you email me. All participants must be signed up at least one hour prior to the start time of the session.

Recess Time (multi-sport activities) 
Monday – Friday
Ages 5 to 73:00-3:20  Let’s Have a Ball! 
(All you need is a ball and we will have a blast!)

Ages 8 to 93:30-3:50 Sport-Related fun (Various sports featured)
Unlimited attendance per session
*5 Days/5 Sessions per Week are Available – 20 minutes   Starts MAY 11th*
One Flat Weekly Rate – $20 (come as many days as you like!)

The SKILL BALL Volleyball Fun & Fundamentals Sessions
Ages 5 to 9, Beginners & Intermediate
Session 1 = Mondays & Wednesdays                    9:00-9:30 A.M.
Session 2 = Mondays & Wednesdays                    2:00-2:30 P.M.

$200 for 6 – 30 minute sessions
Up to 5 Children per session

Need: Skill Ball (included in cost), water bottle, sidewalk chalk, jump rope, flat concrete surface and wall surface area

I designed the Skill Ball for children to learn easily and quickly in their backyard or driveway.  This volleyball is of a “volleyball light” weight. The ball helps teach the five essential skills of volleyball; underhand serving, overhand serving/top spin, passing, setting, and hitting.  It is a great way to learn the game with accurate and detailed instruction and provide a complete full set of do-at-home drills.  Learn more about the Skill Ball.

Bubble Team Training for Volleyball & Basketball

Ages 10 to 17, Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced
Mondays – Thursdays   11:00-11:40, 12:00-12:40, 4:00-4:40, 7:00-7:40

Up to 5 Children per session
Groups are pre-established (those friends & family who are in your safe and approved bubble)

$40 per session (All sessions are 40 minutes) 

ALL virtual sessions may include participants in one location or several locations
If your Bubble Team signs up for 4 sessions, each participant will receive a Training Journal created by Coach Newkirk

Private & Semi-Private Training for Volleyball and Basketball
Ages 5 to 17, Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced
Mondays – Fridays, Most Evenings Available

One on One, Two, or Three participants – flexible scheduling available

$65 per 50 minute session for one/individual

$50 per individual for two or three

*Semi-private sessions may be pre-established or we are happy to find your like-minded virtual training teammates!  
Sign up for 4 sessions and you will receive a Training Journal created by Coach Newkirk