Tip of the Week

What’s better than a low and aggressive defender? A low, aggressive and unpredictable defender! Teach that low and “active” defensive slide by adding a lunge-and-retreat element to your athlete’s game. Maintaining the same distance (even when it’s tight) from the offensive ball-handler might contain or even pressure the offensive player to some degree but it’s much more effective when the defender strikes like a cobra! Quick attacks have to be immediately followed by a retreat (avoid fouling). Off-ball defense will be complete when your athlete is less focused on steals and creating turnovers but on defending his/her player AND A HALF! This simply means – be ready to stop the attacks by helping your teammates! (that’s the “half”)

What’s the biggest obstacle in your athlete perfecting her overhand serve? THE TOSS! After 34 years of correcting the art of tossing and creating drills to perfect the toss – it hit me….we don’t even really need the toss! This summer was amazing as the new and improved effort of tossing turned into DELIVERING! To the “deliver” the volleyball to the striking hand (in it’s take back position) we accomplish two things; a lower and controllable toss and quick firing striking arm. Less time to think and make all kinds of adjustments under the toss is key! My only question is….what will the next 34 years of pondering bring?