Hopscotch Engineers

Walking around my neighborhood I see more and more of two things;  brilliant works of art featured on front windows and chalk art filling driveways and sidewalks.  I love it!  I’m grateful for the sweet and thoughtful little girl across the street who quickly produced another rainbow portrait by simply passing along a compliment of the one proudly on display at her home.  I centered it perfectly on my front window – so she could see it!

Now, about those sidewalks.  As a child, finding that rock, the one actually didn’t scratch lines but left a white chalk-like line was a gift from above.  The endless ideas came from a clean, flat canvas of black asphalt and a rock that was almost chalk.  My kid fun or family suggestion is called HOPSCOTCH ENGINEERS!  On little pieces of paper write down “engineer” challenges. to be drawn one at a time – one for each engineer.  See a few ideas below!  Once everyone picks out the perfect tossing rock, let the drawing, creating, and drawing begin.  Each engineer goes through the details describing how to move through his/her masterpiece hopscotch design.  Engineers can also play by creating without suggestions and design from scratch!

As a reminder, there are 10 hopping stops (squares in the original hopscotch grid) and the 10th spot is the turnaround-and-head-back spot.  Players go one at a time.  The biggest rule to remember is, if there is a rock in the square/area, you must hop over or past it.  The foot that is UP must not touch the ground – or back to the beginning you go (leave your rock where it was).    Travel up or through the Hopscotch course from 1 to 10 and flip around the “come home” and see who arrives back home the soonest.  Balance and precision hopping skills are essential!  Oh, and tossing.  

Suggestions for Hopscotch Engineers:

  • Mini-Scotch
  • Snail-Scotch
  • Balloon-Scotch
  • Rainbow-Scotch
  • Butterfly-Scotch
  • Star-Scotch
  • Snake-Scotch
  • Triangle-Scotch
  • Yoga Pose-Scotch
  • Circle-Scotch

Let’s go Hopscotch Engineers!  Send us those pics and names on Instagram or Email us, so we can share!

We’d love to see what you come up with!  Please send pics or post using #coachemup_llc so others may run with your ideas and share in the fun!

Thank you.

Deborah Newkirk, Founder | COACH ‘EM UP