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Tip of the Week

Basketball: What’s better than a low and aggressive defender? A low, aggressive and unpredictable defender! Teach that low and “active” defensive slide by adding a lunge-and-retreat element to your athlete’s game. Maintaining the same distance (even when it’s tight) from the offensive ball-handler might contain or even pressure the offensive player to some degree but it’s much more effective… Read more »

Tip of the Week

VB One quality every coach loves in a young volleyball athlete – his/her love for “getting dirty!” The wide base will help in lessening the fear of those who may be a bit timid to go to the floor. One thing parents and coaches can do – find a softer area to practice from the floor-UP! Start… Read more »

Meet Finn

Finn is the latest Basketball 10,000TM Wall of Famer! Finn knows what it takes to excel. He has worked hard to achieve this goal of completing BASKETBALL 10,000TM and the folks at COACH ‘EM UP tip our hats to a fine young man and his dedication to his game! Read more about FINN in his Wall of Fame Induction… Read more »

Meet KJ

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Coach, I’m gonna do it.” ….and he did. KJ, you’re a determined and disciplined basketball player.  Your interest in detail will take you as far as you’d like to go!  Congratulations, KJ on being a Basketball 10,000tm Wall of Famer!  -Coach Newkirk Q: KJ, you knew the… Read more »

Congratulations Jack, our newest Basketball 10,000 Wall of Famer!

  Jack, we are so proud of you! THIS lS NOT an easy challenge as we let you know in the very beginning, but YOU plugged away and showed so much dedication to getting your goal accomplished! You inspire me. Q: Jack, do you remember approximately when you started BB10K? How long did it take you? A: January… Read more »