Congratulations Jack, our newest Basketball 10,000 Wall of Famer!



Jack, we are so proud of you! THIS lS NOT an easy challenge as we let you know in the very beginning, but YOU plugged away and showed so much dedication to getting your goal accomplished! You inspire me.

Q: Jack, do you remember approximately when you started BB10K? How long did it take you?
A: January 2013 – October 2014

Q: You are training every week (for months now) with Coach Meredith! What have been some of your favorite challenges in training?
A: 5 spot shooting, hot shots, and games

Q: which of the 11 (10 plus the bonus) daily challenges in BB10K, which one or ones did you Iike to do the most?
A. pinky to pinky, wall dribbles, ball pinches, and Z ball dribble

Q: Who helped you? Who are your teammates when it came to helping you with BB10K?
A: My Dad and Coach Meredith

Q: Jack, who is your favorite NBATeam? and your favorite player? And WHY?
A: Thunder and Kevin Durant, because he’s a good 3 pt shooter, good teammate, and a Longhorn!

Q: What’s your biggest hoops dream today? Coach Em Up is so greatly dedicated to your progress and dreams! We will be there every inch of the way!
A: To play in the NBA Finals and win the trophy!