Tip of the Week

One quality every coach loves in a young volleyball athlete – his/her love for “getting dirty!” The wide base will help in lessening the fear of those who may be a bit timid to go to the floor. One thing parents and coaches can do – find a softer area to practice from the floor-UP! Start on the floor, ground/soft grass, gym mats and pop up low and ready; digging & passing can quickly follow with a few fun tosses from you! Remember, clean, white, shiny knee pads may not be the best sign! 🙂 We can help by encouraging floor work from presenting controlled, safe, and fun floor challenges. Celebrate “touches” now and the big-time digs will come later!

Ankle to Ankle! This is all a young athlete (and many not-so- young) knows when it comes to defensive shuffling. We learn early to “slide” ankle to ankle, having our ankles touch. In basketball, this is not the case! Have your defensive slide LOW (bottom down with no round back – chest up) and picture a 2”X4” board about 15”-18” long! This VISUAL is one they will hand onto forever! Keep the distance between those shuffling or sliding feet the length of the 2X4! When reminding and correcting the years of muscle-memory “sliding” – just coach ‘em up with a little, “2X4 Defense” and of course, “Stay LOW!”