Meet KJ


He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Coach, I’m gonna do it.” ….and he did.

KJ, you’re a determined and disciplined basketball player.  Your interest in detail will take you as far as you’d like to go!  Congratulations, KJ on being a Basketball 10,000tm Wall of Famer!  -Coach Newkirk

Q: KJ, you knew the first time you heard about BB10K you were going to do it – how did you know?  Why did you choose to do the program?
A:  I knew it would make my hands quicker and I would avoid picking up my dribble.

Q: Of the 10+bonus skills, which of these was your favorite to do and why?
A:  Candy Canes – Because the more I did it, the faster I got.

Q:  Do you believe these 10,000 touches have helped you? How?
A:  Yes, it’s pushed me to achieve my goals and to finish.

Q:  Tell us your Favorite Teams?
A:  Texas A&M & Baylor, I really like the Cavaliers, Thunder and Rockets from the NBA.

Q:  How many seasons have you played?
A:  I’m in my third season.  Last year I did play one year of select ball!

Q:  KJ, who inspires you to work hard and to set goals?
A:  Kevin Durant. When he gave that speech at the NBA MVP award, it really made me think and it inspired me.

Q:  What is NEW basketball goal?
A:  To be able to become a good inside scorer.

Q:  Fun Favorite about you KJ — here we go!
What’s your Favorite food? spaghetti
Color? red
School subject? math
Floor position? PG or shooting guard