Cierra’s Top 3

IMG_2552Cierra is an eighth grader in Austin, Texas who plays volleyball for her school and a club. She has attended many Coach ‘Em Up events over the past five years and has become a CEU Mentor to aspiring volleyball players. She recently sustained a season-ending injury and we asked her to share the Top 3 things she learned from staying active as a team leader while unable to play.

3 things I learned from being an injured player:
1. Studying another’s game can help you with your own.
2. Journaling is a great way to stay familiar with the sport when you can’t get your hands on the ball for any reason.
3. Encouraging your teammates really does help motivate them and encourage them to do well.

Top three things that helped me make the team:
(what to do at a tryout so that you will get noticed)
1. Be loud: encourage others, give high fives, and call the ball.
2. Focus on fundamentals: try to make your form as perfect as possible.
3. Use your manners: be polite,charming, and just be yourself!

Thanks, Cierra! We are so proud of your accomplishments and stellar attitude and appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned with us.


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