Ask the Coach: Choosing the Right Camp

It’s time!  We are all thinking about summer enrichment programs for our kids: mind and body strengthening, exploring their passions, and simply enjoying friends and the hobbies, activities and games they love!  It’s also about a time of experimenting with new challenges.
Summer camp should have a special blend of having fun while learning and improving. While safety and providing a positive learning environment is the top priority, it’s also important to look at the curriculum, the teaching objectives, and the qualifications of camp leaders.

Whether you’re considering a sports camp or one of the many lovely camps in Austin, here’s the Coach ‘Em Up checklist for a high quality camp:

  • What’s the coach:kid ratio?
    What are the qualifications of the instructors? Are they professionals or high school students?
    Will larger group camps with a wide age range be divided by grade or skill level?Check for the special blend; LEARNING and improving opportunities with FUN!
    COACH ‘EM UP has a strong history of highly-qualified certified coaches and years of training children in our speciality sports of volleyball and basketball.  We pride ourselves on presenting the right information at the right time.

The Coach ‘Em Up difference is that we tailor the experience to every kid, which means if a 4th grader is playing at an advanced level they may be placed on the 6th grade floor but a 6th grader will never be placed on the 4th grade floor.

Enjoy your Spring!  ……and see you soon!