Thank you Pistol Pete!

It’s in the innocence of turning a thought, someone else’s skill, into a skill of your own that makes it a very special moment. The visual learner can’t watch the movie enough; slowing down the footage and studying each detail closely. The audio learner listens so intently to the coach explaining how to “feel” the move; it’s rhythm, it’s timing, and it’s subtle detail. Then there’s the kinesthetic learner who watches, listens, and can’t wait to get that ball into motion, knowing there will be one error following another, finding success in “almost got it.”

The driveway time spent to meet a new challenge is so admirable. It is so fun to watch children open their minds to a new basketball move or skill. One example of a Legendary player who Coach Em’ Up Basketball Academies paid homage to this past week was Mr. Pistol Pete Maravich. The children connected! I watched their faces and level of interest peak with the pictures of Pistol, his childhood story of walking to and from school while dribbling his basketball (2.5 miles, one way), and his “survivor” pistol shot turned into a beautiful 44 points per game and more points than any other in his years as a LSU Tiger. What Pistol dreamed of doing, and did with his basketball, is truly a gift to the many fundamental seeking players who follow him. My attempt to teach a little history, coach several essential breakdown skills and challenges, including the “v dribble box,” and show a few minutes of Mr. Maravich highlight video gave 130 basketball dreamers (and doers) the right to “wear the ‘stache.”

Check out the pictures! Happy Holidays all from your friends here at COACH ‘EM UP!

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