Summer Camp Memories

“SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!” Yes, a quote from one of our favorite mascaraed friends, Alice Cooper!

School being out means SUMMER CAMPS!!!  But, it didn’t always …….

I may be aging myself just a little (or perhaps I already have, quoting Mr. Cooper) but I can’t help but think about those awesome summer days in Kansas: riding my bike to the pond and fishing for hours, summer softball games, rodeos (yes, I am your 1981 Rodeo Queen), playing backyard football, kickball, baseball, and an occasional round of dodgeball, and my favorite memory of all, evening basketball games under a driveway light or at an elementary school parking lot.
This was summer camp in the heartland!

Today I live for summer camp fun!  Having a great time in a gym for hours upon hours, getting to teach and see the children try their best to improve while not compromising their built-in fun-factor, is such an honor.  Knowing your family has many choices of camps and enrichment programs, it’s so awesome and I’m truly humbled to be part of your summer schedule.  COACH ‘EM UP promises learning, emphasizing a technical approach to footwork and an understandable, age-appropriate blend of skill development and games.  We are not interested in providing daycare – with all respect to those great daycare folks – not for the money you are paying and with the genuine level of concern and expectations you have for your child to grow and develop and –  most of all – to  build confidence to push forward.

Soon after college, I went to work at KU to coach at the Marian E. Washington Basketball Camps.  Just stepping into Allen Field House brought tears to my eyes and sent my heart racing (still does).  Little did I know that I would be working with my basketball hero, Lynette Woodard.  I was 23 years old and truly having my first summer camp experience!  Today that hero of mine and one of the most amazing people I know, legendary Hall of Famer Coach Woodard, is my business partner (Rule 13 Athletics) and, more importantly, my friend of 25 years.  That’s my favorite summer camp story of all!  I bet you have your own favorite summertime camp story or two!

Wherever it might be that you play this summer, have a wonderful and meaningful time.  Make memories for a lifetime.  Laugh as much as you possibly can……
I once heard that children grow up not remembering who necessarily took care of them but who played with them.  Play and play hard.  Happy Summer, friends.  See you at camp!