Hopscotch Engineers

Walking around my neighborhood I see more and more of two things;  brilliant works of art featured on front windows and chalk art filling driveways and sidewalks.  I love it!  I’m grateful for the sweet and thoughtful little girl across the street who quickly produced another rainbow portrait by simply passing along a compliment of… Read more »

Dictionary Races: Quarantine, not Borentine

“Sound it Out!” When asking, “how do you spell…..?” the answer was always the same, “look it up!”   Now I, for one, never understood the concept of how to look up a word in the dictionary when you did not know how to spell it in the first place.  Is it one of those… Read more »

Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge!

I’ve got two for you!  Family Grab Bag Talent Show & The Commercial or Pause Challenge! Put 8-12 random objects in a bag or even a pillowcase.  Each family member can walk around the house and bring (sneak) their three or four objects, hiding them and adding them to the bag.  Make sure no one… Read more »

Quarantine Track Meet: Quarantine Does Not Mean Borentine!

Growing up, our yard was big.  As a kid from a small town, having a yard meant having a playground.  I suppose that feeling and this fact has stood the test of time.  From a baseball diamond to a fort and tree house building paradise, one memory jumps out at this time as I’m thinking… Read more »

Tip of the Week

Basketball: What’s better than a low and aggressive defender? A low, aggressive and unpredictable defender! Teach that low and “active” defensive slide by adding a lunge-and-retreat element to your athlete’s game. Maintaining the same distance (even when it’s tight) from the offensive ball-handler might contain or even pressure the offensive player to some degree but it’s much more effective… Read more »

Meet DeAnna

Meet DeAnna, our newest Volleyball 10,000 champion! Q: How long have you played volleyball? A: I’ve played for 5 seasons. Q: What’s your favorite part of the game? Position? Skill? A: It’s a real teamwork game. I love serving the best because it’s kind of become my best skill. My favorite position is definitely the Setter! Q:… Read more »

Tip of the Week

VB One quality every coach loves in a young volleyball athlete – his/her love for “getting dirty!” The wide base will help in lessening the fear of those who may be a bit timid to go to the floor. One thing parents and coaches can do – find a softer area to practice from the floor-UP! Start… Read more »

Ask the Coach: Choosing the Right Camp

It’s time!  We are all thinking about summer enrichment programs for our kids: mind and body strengthening, exploring their passions, and simply enjoying friends and the hobbies, activities and games they love!  It’s also about a time of experimenting with new challenges. Summer camp should have a special blend of having fun while learning and improving. While… Read more »

Volleyball Academies at the JCC!

One beautiful piece of the COACH ‘EM UP puzzle is connecting with new gyms, new directors, new families, and new children! What a wonderful experience it has been making new friends with the folks at the Jewish Community Center! CEU is thrilled to be a part of a warm and welcoming group of folks – come join us… Read more »