Meet DeAnna

IMG_7964Meet DeAnna, our newest Volleyball 10,000 champion!

Q: How long have you played volleyball?
A: I’ve played for 5 seasons.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the game? Position? Skill?
A: It’s a real teamwork game. I love serving the best because it’s kind of become my best skill. My favorite position is definitely the Setter!

Q: Where did you learn about VB10K – and why did you decide to do it?
A: I was at a private lesson. It was at a local school, outdoors on a big wall. It was kind of a basketball court actually.

Q: How long did it take you – do you remember where you were introduced to the program (1st time)?
A: Yes – that day at the school I knew I could do it. I wanted to accomplish it and Iwanted the cool t-shirt.

Q: Who kept you interested or MOTIVATED? – if anyone!!
A: My friend (she’s doing VB10K too) and I always talked about it at school and at practice.

Q: Did you have a system – how did you build in time for VB10K?
A: I pretty much did it after my homework – after school. It took about a year for me to complete it.

Q: What was your FAVE Exercise in the program?
A: Wall Sets – I do them all the time. (her mom said Pop Corn would be a close second fave)

Q: Do you think VB10K made you better?
A: In the beginning I did 5 underhand serves and 5 overhand serves in practice and on my team. Now I do all my serves Overhand. It’s made me a better server without any doubt.

Q: WHO inspires you? favorite players, teams?
A: My favorite UT LONGHORN! She’s #19 Prieto Cerame and she was really nice to me at camp.

Let’s learn more about DeAnna!!
Fave food? My Mom’s meatloaf!
Fave color? Turquoise
Fave sport – other than VBALL? Basketball

“I have a funny story about DeAnna! While she and her training partner (and good friend) would crack each other up and get into a giggle moment that would also make me laugh out loud – she always finished her sessions talking to me about VBall 10,000! I loved the updates and I believe it helped keep her true to her goal! Announcing our goals and “making them public” can help us all stick to the plan! WAY TO GO, DeAnna! Congratulations and we here at COACH‘EM UP are super proud of your accomplishment! Wear that t-shirt with great pride!!”
-Coach Newkirk

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