Teaching Tip

Volleyball – The volleyball serve has a certain rhythm to it.  Coaching the serve, from the routine to contact (even past contact – stepping into the floor) can be reinforced by strong muscle-memory training and by structuring the steps to a cadence or again, a rhythm.  An example would be; two dribbles, step back, ball in front of shoulder, pull hand, Toss-Step-Punch! It’s actually Toss———-Step-Punch!  Feeling the routine/rhythm will quickly have your athlete trusting in her/his mechanics.

Basketball – When going right, use your right hand.  When going left, use your left hand!  Young players developing their cross-over work more effectively in training (dribbling) with a zig-zag pattern.  Have your athletes cross-over from left to right and back and encourage them to have their “head on a pivot” and change/fluctuate their speeds.  Training basketball floor vision can have your players pushing up the floor with their head and eyes up, ready to create, distribute, and attack.