BASKETBALL 10,000™ is about basketball handling “touches.” The program introduces 10 different ball handling exercises. By completing each exercise 1000 times, a dedicated player can accomplish Basketball 10,000. That’s 10,000 touches of ball handling, working toward a more confident basketball athlete!

Hundreds of young people have been introduced to this program, but these dedicated athletes have completed it! Read more about what motivated them and how it improved their game.


IMG_3285-e1437428769401Ethan was one of the most determined individuals to complete BB10K!  He got his Basketball “orders” and off to work he went!  Occasionally I would ask, how’s BB10K going?  He would smile a little and say… “fine” or “it’s going” or maybe “ok” and THEN…..Boom!  We love a quiet contributor on and off the floor!  Congratulations, Ethan and welcome to THE WALL OF FAME!

Q: Ethan, how long have you been playing basketball?
A: For a year and a half.

Q: What’s the most fun part of basketball for you?
A: Free throws, hanging with friends, and having fun

Q: You finished Basketball 10,000 really quickly – you hardly missed a day! Who and what inspired you to complete such a challenge?
A: It was a challenge and the shirt

Q: Who are your favorite basketball role models – players you love to watch and even study?
A: Curry, Lebron, and Jordan

Q: Do you believe BB10K has helped your game? How so?
A: Yes, I’m more comfortable with the ball and crossovers

Q: What was your favorite ball handling exercise in BB10K?
A: Wall dribbles

Q: Let’s learn a little more about Ethan? His favorites!

Food: Queso
Color: Blue
NBA Team: Cavs and Warriors
NCAA/College Team: Longhorns
Position to play: Forward
Signature move: I’ll let you know when I perfect Jordan’s dunk!


IMG_5132Finn knows what it takes to excel! He has worked hard to achieve this goal of completing BASKETBALL 10,000TM and the folks at COACH ‘EM UP tip our hats to a fine young man and his dedication to his game! Here’s what we found out about Finn in his WALL OF FAME Induction Interview!

Q: Finn, on a scale of 1-10, 10 of course being super tough…How challenging was BB10K?
A: “I’d give it a 5!” “Sticking to it was the hard part – the actual drills weren’t that hard at all.”

Q: Of the 10 plus bonus basketball challenges, which one was your favorite to do and why?
A: “Wall Dribbles were my favorite part – They were fast and I actually did 15 on each hand each time.”

Q: Finn, who inspires you – who helped you stay focused on completely this not-so-easy challenge?
A: “My Dad!” “My Dad reminded me to it at first.”

Q: How long have you been playing basketball?
A: “I started in Kindergarten, so for over 3 years now.”

Q: What’s your personal favorite part of the game?
A: “Ball Handling”

Q: Who is your favorite team and player? Who do you like to look up to?
A: “I like two teams right now – the Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs.”


Q: Favorite Color? A: Blue
Q: Favorite Food? A: Tacos
Q: Favorite Mascot? A: Alabama’s “Big Al” – the Elephant!
Q: Finn, crazy question — but, WHEN BASKETBALL 20,000TM Is Released….Do you think you’ll do it? A: “YES” (big smile)*…. “IT WOULD BE FUN!”

*BB20K will be WITH A PARTNER – That may have been part of the big smile! Great Job, Finn! You’re a true CHAMPION!


photo-e1418514352382He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Coach, I’m gonna do it.” ….and he did.
KJ, you’re a determined and disciplined basketball player.  Your interest in detail will take you as far as you’d like to go!  Congratulations, KJ on being a Basketball 10,000tm Wall of Famer!  -Coach Newkirk

Q: KJ, you knew the first time you heard about BB10K you were going to do it – how did you know?  Why did you choose to do the program?
A:  I knew it would make my hands quicker and I would avoid picking up my dribble.

Q: Of the 10+bonus skills, which of these was your favorite to do and why?
A:  Candy Canes – Because the more I did it, the faster I got.

Q:  Do you believe these 10,000 touches have helped you? How?
A:  Yes, it’s pushed me to achieve my goals and to finish.

Q:  Tell us your Favorite Teams?
A:  Texas A&M & Baylor, I really like the Cavaliers, Thunder and Rockets from the NBA.

Q:  How many seasons have you played?
A:  I’m in my third season.  Last year I did play one year of select ball!

Q:  KJ, who inspires you to work hard and to set goals?
A:  Kevin Durant. When he gave that speech at the NBA MVP award, it really made me think and it inspired me.

Q:  What is NEW basketball goal?
A:  To be able to become a good inside scorer.

Q:  Fun Favorite about you KJ — here we go!
What’s your Favorite food? spaghetti
Color? red
School subject? math
Floor position? PG or shooting guard



Jack, wephoto-e1412546887261 are so proud of you! THIS lS NOT an easy challenge as we let you know in the very beginning, but YOU plugged away and showed so much dedication to getting your goal accomplished! You inspire me.

Q: Jack, do you remember approximately when you started BB10K? How long did it take you?
A: January 2013 – October 2014

Q: You are training every week (for months now) with Coach Meredith! What have been some of your favorite challenges in training?
A: 5 spot shooting, hot shots, and games

Q: which of the 11 (10 plus the bonus) daily challenges in BB10K, which one or ones did you Iike to do the most?
A. pinky to pinky, wall dribbles, ball pinches, and Z ball dribble

Q: Who helped you? Who are your teammates when it came to helping you with BB10K?
A: My Dad and Coach Meredith

Q: Jack, who is your favorite NBATeam? and your favorite player? And WHY?
A: Thunder and Kevin Durant, because he’s a good 3 pt shooter, good teammate, and a Longhorn!

Q: What’s your biggest hoops dream today? Coach Em Up is so greatly dedicated to your progress and dreams! We will be there every inch of the way!
A: To play in the NBA Finals and win the trophy!


photo-39-e1397063006118Meet Ashley – Our Newest Inductee into the BASKETBALL 10,000 WALL of FAME! Congratulations, Ashley! We here at COACH ‘EM UP are so very proud of you! Ashley has a great story: She had started BB10K as a 4th grader and while cleaning her room, she found a few completed BB10K forms! Realizing she had a great start, she was geared up to finish the job that she had started! Great Job!

Q: How long have you been playing basketball?
A: Well, since 1st grade (now a 6th grader).

Q: Let’s learn a little more about our Champion! What are some of your favorites?
Food? Pizza
Color? Blue
Sport? Tie for 1st! Both Basketball & Golf

Q: On a scale from 1-5 (1=super easy 5=super hard), how would you rate the intensity of BB10K?
A: ……hmmm…..a 2!

Q: Who helped you?
A: My Mom

Q: Who did you look to when you needed motivation?

Q: As a healthy athlete, name some of your favorite snacks?
A: Strawberries & Snap Peas!

Q: What is your favorite basketball skill?

Q: Last question….When thinking about all of your years hooping it up, share a fun story!
A: In my first season, on a Select team, I had the final shot in the game (for the win) and it got to the rim and everyone started cheering…..the ball circled around a fell out – everyone thought for sure it was going to go in….

Ashley, that shot may not have fallen but many many will in your future! Thank you for joining the elite group of hard workers and welcome to the BASKETBALL 10,000 Wall of Fame!



photo-23-e1358806257667Congratulations, point guard LIZZIE on a job well done!  She is COACH EM UP’s most recent BASKETBALL 10,000 honoree.  We are very proud of LIZZIE!  Here’s more on this very hard working young athlete.

Q:  How do you feel about this awesome accomplishment?
A: I’m proud.  It’s helped me with my ball handling and that’s important because I’m a point guard.
Q: This is a tough challenge!  Who encouraged you when it got hard?
A: My dad, my sister, and my mom.
Q: Who is your favorite team?
A: Silver Stars (WNBA-San Antonio)
Q: Who is your favorite player?

A:  Purdue point guard, Courtney Moses

Q: When completing BB10,000, which of the drills and ball handling exercises was your favorite?
A:  ”Candy canes”

Q:  How long have you played basketball?  
A: Since I was 5! (7 years)
Q: What are other sports you enjoy?  
A: Well, basketball is number one, but I also like volleyball and running.
Q: Do you feel a difference in your game, since you’ve completed BB10,000?  ”
A:  Yes, my fingers are less fumblee. :)
Q: Please share your big Dream and Goals for your future?  
A:  To play in the WNBA.
Q: Last question, after having this experience of 10,00 basketball ball handling “touches,” what would you share with others?  
A:  GIVING UP USUALLY HAPPENS RIGHT BEFORE A MIRACLE, …….. So you have to keep on trying.

Well said, Lizzie.  We can all take a page out of your book and DREAM BIG.  – Coach Newkirk


P8240427-300x289Welcome to the Basketball Wall of Fame, Katie!

Q: Katie, How long have you played volleyball?
A: I believe I was 5 years old. It was in a league at WAYA.

Q: Who is your favorite NBA or WNBA team?
A: My favorite team is the OKC Thunder. My favorite player is Kevin Durant.

Q: What motivated you to meet the challenge and goal of BASKETBALL 10,000?
A: Because I wanted to improve.

Q: So Katie, what is your favorite color, food, animal, and sport?
A: Yellow, shrimp, dog, and basketball

Q: What other hobbies do you enjoy besides basketball?
A: Swimming
Thank you, Katie! You did it! This is a tough challenge and you did it!!



Augie knows how to work hard and achieve!  He recently accomplished one of his basketball goals of meeting the tough challenge of BASKETBALL 10,000!  This interview with Augie will give you more insight into our featured champion.

Q: How long have you played basketball?
A: I’ve played for two years and have been on four teams.

Q: How many hours, on the average, do you play and train for your favorite game?
A: Between games, shooting in my driveway, private lessons, my team practice and games, about 2 to 3 hours a day!

Q: Who is your favorite NBA team?
A: OKC Thunder!  My favorite player is Kevin Durant.

Q: What has Basketball 10,000 done for your game?
A: It’s made my hands and dribbling better.  I’m left-handed and play on the wing and it’s made my right hand stronger.

Q: What’s a summer goal you have?
A: Lots of camps and play all the time!

Congratulations, Augie, for being inducted into the BASKETBALL 10,000 Wall of Fame!