VOLLEYBALL 10,000™ is about volleyball handling “touches.” The program introduces 10 different ball handling exercises. By completing each exercise 1000 times, a dedicated player can accomplish VOLLEYBALL 10,000™. That’s 10,000 touches of ball handling, working toward a more confident volleyball athlete!

Hundreds of young people have been introduced to this program, but these dedicated athletes have completed it! Read more about what motivated them and how it improved their game.


IMG_7964Q: How long have you played volleyball?
A: I’ve played for 5 seasons.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the game? Position? Skill?
A: It’s a real teamwork game. I love serving the best because it’s kind of become my best skill. My favorite position is definitely the Setter!

Q: Where did you learn about VB10K – and why did you decide to do it?
A: I was at a private lesson. It was at a local school, outdoors on a big wall. It was kind of a basketball court actually.

Q: How long did it take you – do you remember where you were introduced to the program (1st time)?
A: Yes – that day at the school I knew I could do it. I wanted to accomplish it and Iwanted the cool t-shirt.

Q: Who kept you interested or MOTIVATED? – if anyone!!
A: My friend (she’s doing VB10K too) and I always talked about it at school and at practice.

Q: Did you have a system – how did you build in time for VB10K?
A: I pretty much did it after my homework – after school. It took about a year for me to complete it.

Q: What was your FAVE Exercise in the program?
A: Wall Sets – I do them all the time. (her mom said Pop Corn would be a close second fave)

Q: Do you think VB10K made you better?
A: In the beginning I did 5 underhand serves and 5 overhand serves in practice and on my team. Now I do all my serves Overhand. It’s made me a better server without any doubt.

Q: WHO inspires you? favorite players, teams?
A: My favorite UT LONGHORN! She’s #19 Prieto Cerame and she was really nice to me at camp.

Let’s learn more about DeAnna!!
Fave food? My Mom’s meatloaf!
Fave color? Turquoise
Fave sport – other than VBALL? Basketball

“I have a funny story about DeAnna! While she and her training partner (and good friend) would crack each other up and get into a giggle moment that would also make me laugh out loud – she always finished her sessions talking to me about VBall 10,000! I loved the updates and I believe it helped keep her true to her goal! Announcing our goals and “making them public” can help us all stick to the plan! WAY TO GO, DeAnna! Congratulations and we here at COACH‘EM UP are super proud of your accomplishment! Wear that t-shirt with great pride!!”
-Coach Newkirk



Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.37.32 PMQ:How long have you played volleyball?
A: I started playing in 3rd Grade, so 3 years!

Q: What’s your favorite part of the game? Position? Skill?
A: I do like serving – Serve Receiving is fun! I like when our team works hard to get it over the net.

Q: Did you feel VB10K was FUN? why/how?
A: Yes! I could tell I was getting better!

Q: Did you feel it was hard (challenging)?
A: The hardest part was doing it in the summer heat in my driveway!

Q: How long did it take you? Do you remember where you were introduced to the program?
A: 1st week of summer at a COACH ‘EM UP camp! I hardly missed a day – I took my volleyball on vacation!

Q: Who kept you interested or MOTIVATED? – if anyone!!
A: ME!! I did it on my own! You (Coach Newkirk) told a story about the girl who did VB10K and it took her 3 years but finished after she found her forms under her bed. It made me laugh! I knew I would do it right then!

Q: Did you have a system – how did you build in time for VB10K?
A: I would do it anytime I could. Sometimes I even did it in my pajamas!

Q: What was your FAVORITE exercise in the program?
A: My favorite thing to do was POPCORN! All the setting drills were fun too.

Q: Do you think VB10K made you better?
A: YES! My biggest improvement was my serve! My toss improved the most – so I got better.

Q: WHO inspires you? favorite players, teams??
A: The UT Longhorns and Our Olympic Team! I love watching them!

Let’s learn more about Kate!!
Fave food? My Mom’s homemade granola, clam chowder, home-made ice cream
Fave color? Blue! Any shade is great!
Fave sport – other than VBALL? Basketball & Track – but Volleyball is my very favorite!


photo-1Meet ANNA – VOLLEYBALL 10,000 WALL OF FAME newest member! Anna accepted the VB10K challenge in May of this year and rarely missed a day of completing her 15-20 minute workout to get the job done! Congratulations to COACH ‘EM UP’s Wall of Famer, Ms. Anna!

Q: Anna, how do you believe VB10K helped you?
A: “It was challenging. The Wall Serves made my serving better – that was my favorite challenge.”

Q: Who helped you and supported you?
A: “My mom and grandma, and Ashley.” “My grandma use to play volleyball and she inspires me.”

Q: Your grandmother played volleyball? How is it that she helped and continues to help you?
A: “She played all positions from elementary school all the way through high school.”

Q: What other activities or sports do you love – which sport is your favorite?
A: “Swimming – I’m a swimmer! ….but VOLLEYBALL is my number one sport.”

Q/A: Anna, let us learn a few cool, personal things about you!
What’s your favorite color? “BLUE”

What’s your favorite food? “TACOS”
Have a pet? “We have two dogs – Henry & Lucy :)”
Q: We know you’re definitely going to continue working on your game and playing this awesome sport, but how much have you played before now?
A: “I played two season before this year – both seasons at the Y. In the Fall I am going to play for my school. I can’t wait!!”

And Anna……neither can we! You’re a CHAMPION and the folks at COACH ‘EM UP say CONGRATS — KEEP WORKING HARD & HAVING FUN!


photo-38-e1396723207664Meet Lily! Congratulations, Lily! You came to the Training Academy this past winter and started the challenge. The awesome part is you didn’t look back! Well Done! We here at COACH ‘EM UP are very proud of you! Let’s take a few minutes to learn more about this Champion!

Q: How long have you been playing Volleyball?
A: 3 Seasons.

Q: Ok, so what are some of your favorites?
Food? Tacos
Color? Blue
Sport? Volleyball (big smile!)

Q: How hard was it to complete VB10K? Scale from 1-5 (easy to super hard)
A: ….a 3 – it wasn’t hard, just took 15 minutes a day.

Q: Who helped you stick to it and who helped motivate you?
A: Well, I did it on my own. My Mom & Dad motivated me sometimes though.

Q: We know you must believe nutrition is important! What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?
A: I like spinach, apples, strawberries & raspberries.

Q: Lily, what is your favorite VBall skill?
A: Setting!

Q: What other sports or activities do you enjoy and work hard at doing?
A: Basketball, swimming, reading guitar and piano….

Q: In your 3 seasons of playing Volleyball and going to camps, clinics and academies, you must have a favorite story! Please share that with our readers!

A:  One time at camp, you (Coach Newkirk) said the best spiker you had ever seen was only 5’8” tall – that was cool and I always try to remember that!

Lily, no matter how tall you grow, we look forward to watching your volleyball skills grow!! You’re doing the things it takes to be a strong, confident, and skilled player and for that we are very proud to welcome you to the VOLLEYBALL 10,000 Wall of Fame!


photo-1-225x300Jaz, We are very proud of you and honored to add you to the VOLLEYBALL 10,000 Wall of Fame!

Q: What grade are you in and how long have you been playing?
A: “I’m in 4th Grade and I just finished my 2nd season!”

Q: What has helped you get so far in your game – and do so well?
(Jaz and her team just won their Rec League CHAMPIONSHIP)
A: “Volleyball 10,000. My dad plays with me a lot and he also plays volleyball.”

Q: Who has inspired you to play volleyball?
A: “My sister and my dad. They both love to play.”

Q: What other sports do you love?
A: “I love soccer and I’m a competitive swimmer.”
(Jaz recently qualified for Nationals in swimming)

Q: What is your favorite part (skill) of the game?
A: “I love Hitting & Serving, but I think I want to be a setter and Labero in Middle School.”

Q: You are a healthy young athlete – what do you eat to train as a Champion?
A: “I eat lots of fruits and vegetables – my favorites are apples, oranges, cranberries, and dried pineapple. I also like beef and chicken tacos and potatoes!”

We are so impressed with Jaz’s dedication to her volleyball skills!  She has made tremendous progress in such a short time of playing.
Jaz, I am so impressed with your dedication to your Vball skills! You have made tremendous progress in such a short time of playing. You skipped the underhand serve completely and started overhand serving from the beginning – wow… well done, young athlete!  – Coach Newkirk


photo-26Meet Newest Volleyball 10,000 WALL OF FAMER, Payton!

Congratulations, Payton for doing 10,000 volleyball touches since March 12th! Payton attended our COACH ‘EM UP 2013 Spring Break Volleyball Camp at Brushy Creek Community Center and she never looked back!

Q: Payton, How old are you and how long have you been playing volleyball?
A: I’ve played for 4 seasons.

Q: Who inspired and encouraged you to start playing this awesome game and why did you start AND FINISH VB10K?
A: My mom. My mom was a setter in High School and when she told me about that, I wanted to play volleyball too!

Q: Whats your favorite volleyball position and why?
A: Setter!” “I want to be a setter. My mom was a setter in High School.

Q: What QUALITIES do you believe a SETTER must have? The qualities YOU want to have…
A: Leadership, Focused, and Be Fast to the Ball.

Q: Payton, you’re obviously a dedicated and hard working young athlete. What will you do this summer to continue your improvement (and fun)?
A: We are going to Hawaii this summer, so I’m going to play a lot of sand volleyball.
(she’s also playing in a summer sand vball league)

Q: How do you believe VBALL 10,000 has helped you?
A: My approach in spiking is now easier and my hand is always big when I hit the ball.

We are very proud of Payton! She accomplished this challenge faster than any other Wall of Famer! See you at camp, Payton, for more
COACH ‘EM UP challenges, goal setting, and skill development!