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$65 (base) per athlete per hour

True one-on-one evaluation and assessment followed by goal driven plan, either short term or followed by a series of private lessons. Tailored to individual's specific needs and growth areas, focus can be general or specific. For instance, lesson could focus specifically on volleyball serving or be a broad introduction to basketball skills in general.


for 2-4 athletes $50 per athlete per hour

Social – improve your skills with a friend Opportunity to develop different hands-on skill sets Cost-conscious option


for 5-9 athletes $35 per athlete per hour

A group can be members of a school team, friends from different schools who play the same sport, or any combination you can imagine. Group training offers the same benefits of semi-private lessons with a slightly larger group, including one-on-one attention and personal instruction.

S.A.Q.: Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Above rates apply

One of our most popular individualized training programs focuses on the development of the athlete's core strength and footwork efficiency. Athletes become more coordinated while sound, accurate repetition develops FAST FEET, eliminating false steps and learning to apply core strength and optimal foot speed in games. Soccer players, basketball athletes, volleyball players and lacrosse players seem to be the most interested. This form of working out can be very good for fitness training, working the anaerobic system and improving lactic acid thresholds. Taking your game to the NEXT LEVEL begins with a strong core and basic understanding of how to move effectively and efficiently. This aspect of training is quite often overlooked in develping the young athlete when in fact it may be one of the most important aspects.