Volleyball Drills – Coaches’ Clinic


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Deborah Newkirk of COACH ‘EM UP, LLC conducted a Coaches’ Clinic for an impressive group of volunteer, youth Rec coaches.  We break down 10 fundamental drills that would fit any practice plan!  Grab your blue floor tape, a chair or two, and build your practice plan with the confidence that these drills work!

Chair Passing Drill – taking the lower body out – focuses on the platform

“Ups” Passing Drill – one lunge step is a point

12’ “plus” Agility Drill – speed/direction with passing/digging option

Wall Touch Drill – forward passing movement footwork

Feet-Feet-Freeze Drill – coaching players to freeze or stop all movement

Pass & Switch Drill – pass or set while moving and talking “constantly”

Rapid Fire Team Drill – line ‘em up for low, lateral/shuffle movement

Queen of the Throne – with accurate, precision passing, Queens will reign!

Pretzel Drill – pass, switch, communicate, make decisions & pass, more….

Queens of the Court – crown your Queens and honor those 3 hits


Includes full video instruction. Link to video and digital files will be sent to you after purchase.

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