Volleyball 10,000 Training Program


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We are now making Volleyball 10,000 FREE for everyone to use! Go to our Volleyball 10,000 page to watch the video and download the form.


VOLLEYBALL 10,000™ is a volleyball training program created to provide volleyball TOUCHES for optimal hands-on, backyard, open-gym play and training. With your Volleyball 10,000 program you will work on quick repetition that will create a better contact on the ball, strengthen your base of skills, build muscle-memory triggers, and provide a fun and rewarding alternative to unorganized play and training. With completing the 15-20 minute challenge of one set of “touches” daily (or how often you can do it) the VB10,000 sheets will add up and you could become our next featured inductee into the VOLLEYBALL 10,000™ Wall of Fame! Also, with 10,000 touches you will earn a good-looking VB10,000 t-shirt! Want more structure and an effective teaching and training system – start Volleyball 10,000™ now!

Includes full video instruction and worksheet to record progress.

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