Season Prep Volleyball Camp at WAYA


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AUGUST 13-14-15 10:00-1:00pm $120

Rising 5th-9th Graders 
-One hour of Overhand Serving Instruction and Detailed Individual Coaching/Correcting
-One hour of How to Test Details and Review; Vertical Jump, Agility, Pressure Performance Simulation & more…
-One hour of Passing, Setting Review, Back-Row Digging Touches, Hitting Footwork and Big Swings, 6 v. 6 Play
COACH ‘EM UP is thrilled to be at WAYA for a 3-day/9-hour camp set up in a training-like atmosphere.  We will focus on the necessary details and essential volleyball skill sets that would impress any coach!  This volleyball camp will concentrate on the specific tasks of a tryout or serve campers as the perfect season warm-up.
Let’s get you ready!  Preparing will begin with each camper understanding how to warm up properly, how to be active, vocal and how to demonstrate a “volleyball ready” presence on the court.  Our ultimate goal – How YOU can stand out – think, and be the TOP 10% in ANY Gym!  
Hustle!  Leadership!  Up Beat & Positive!  Support of Others!  Importance of NOT picking the same partner!
Volleyball Talk and “Constantly Moving” Mentality!  How to Stand in the Huddle!  How to Listen!  Be Low -Stay Low, Low Wins Understanding!
Disciplined Serving Routine.
Kind, Smiling Presence on the Court – Invested.
Acknowledging Instruction.
Being Thankful – Showing Gratitude.
Actions Speaking Louder than Words.
Confidence in Your Skills.
Limited to 40 campers.
By signing up for this event, you are agreeing to the following:
COACH Deborah A. Newkirk and COACH ‘EM UP affiliates will not be held responsible for any injuries during practice/training session(s). I have been made aware of the possible risk of injury as it may occur during physical activity. To my knowledge, my child is healthy and has no existing life-threatening conditions.
YES, I approve of filming/photographing, for instructor/teaching purposes, posting on website or social media, and for teaching, marketing flyers/posters. NO NAMES will be associated or noted with any images.

Event Details

Date: August 13, 2018

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 01:00 p.m.

Venue: WAYA

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