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Every day and all over town, in driveways and gyms, CEU Certified Coaches are helping young athletes perfect their game by delivering time-tested coaching methods. Once you’ve arranged a session with a coach, purchase the session here. To find the right coach for your private training, contact us.


Having a Private Trainer from COACH ‘EM UP is about an experience of learning and growing as an athlete and as a person.  We take our role very seriously.  We listen to the needs, dreams, and goals of each child from their parents and from them.  While we never make misleading comments to inflate potential, we do believe in old school hard work, fundamental skill sets, and training all as Champions.  You can expect a full overview evaluation of your child’s age-related skill sets, a benchmark for training and a forward march to instill a powerful, positive, and goal-oriented plan.  We believe in details.  We use proven muscle-memory high-repetition methodologies with age-appropriate drills and coaching cue phrases.  Your COACH ‘EM UP Trainer will provide between-sessions “homework” and we expect a journal entry at the completion of every training session.  Your goals are our goals and there is always The Common Goal – Building CONFIDENCE.


A Semi-Private series of training sessions is about like-minded friends and like-skilled friends improving together.  This formula works!  While your COACH ‘EM UP Trainer will arrange for a appropriate plan for the 2 to 5 athletes training together, the ultimate goal will be player development.  Each athlete will have a constant and steady role in the training with a specific set of details and objectives true to him/her.  General skills such as ball handling and correct and effective warm up may be directed to the full group.  A semi-private lesson or series of sessions does not mean less attention.  The quality of instruction, the quick and steady feedback, the coaching corrections are not compromised.  An interesting aspect of this type of training is the non-stop one-on-one “eyes on you” feeling may be less which means less pressure for a young psyche.  The athlete can experiment more and figure things out with a sense of independence.

We do tons of of this type of training!  Let us consider the number of hours of training needed, the number of athletes in your group, our general overhead facility rental cost and shoot you a quote!

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