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NEW! The Hot Shot VOLLEYBALL Programs!  

The Serving, Hitting, and Passing Programs are challenging and based on “personal bests.”
The HSVB Programs were developed to enhance player accuracy and train athletes to practice
with purpose! Each program is distinctly different in how the athlete is challenged. Programs
may be timed or scores based on best out of so many attempts. Bonus points can be earned
with all three programs. The Hot Shot VB Programs are ideal for players who love to compete
against themselves.

The Programs can be taken to the gym or played in the backyard! Grab a friend, a one-minute
timer, and your volleyball and have a great time improving your volleyball fundamental skills.

“I didn’t just go up to hit, but I had an area in mind. It (HSVB Hitting Program) made me not
think about just getting the ball over and in but on a the floor and how I might get my bonus points.” – Becca, 8th grade

“It was fun. I did all three (programs) today and my favorite one was the Passing Program. I improved by 10 points on my second attempt.” -Julianna, 4th grade

“My Dad tossed for me and kept the time. I just tried hard and focused on getting my top score. My favorite challenge was the Serving Program.” -Cierra, 8th grade

“One of my favorite features – with every attempt (as long as the ball is over, inbounds and/or high enough) counts for points. The numerical value on the spots allows for a “zone” or area so every ball counts.” -Coach Sarah, Youth Volunteer Coach (5th and 6th grade team)

Each Hot Volleyball Program includes:

-7 6” Spots
-6 Unique Training Floors
-6 Personal Best Cards

When you buy all three together, you get one set of spots and complete program instructions and personal best cards for all three programs.

COACHES – It’s one thing to say your players have improved, but it’s another to show it! Watch your athletes’ scores improve and enjoy the game carryover! The Programs teach accountability and self-interest in skill improvement – a win-win!

PARENTS – Enjoy your time up at the gym by being a part of your daughter/son’s skill growth and development. Investing (your time) in their skill sets by simply tossing or keeping score is fun and a memory that goes way beyond the court!

PLAYERS – It’s all about the score! Improvement comes with ACCURACY! You will love the challenge and you’ll be proud of your progress! Grab a friend and compete against her for the top score of the day!

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