Fundamental Shooting Stations


Basketball shooting drills to build skill and speed for every age group.

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Six Buckets – Six GREAT fundamental shooting drills! Turn your gym into a SHOOTING STATION training floor! These 6 stations include a detailed video of the exact expectations (teaching cues and coaching tips) to ensure quality repetition. These 6 stations are perfect for any age group because they are the very basic and most important shooting arrangement of game shots. From Pull-Up J’s to the ever so important lay up, put your athletes in place, rotate every 2-3 minutes and insist of PRACTICING WITH PURPOSE! Insist on game speed on the second round of station work and put timed-pressure on these challenges. You may also consider a point system for team or individual score keeping. Personal Best scores for ALL 6 Stations will also motivate competitive athletes to raise the bar and work hard to beat a teammate or improve upon their own score(s).


Includes full video instruction and complete detailed bulleted coaching cues.

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