Basketball 10,000 Training Program


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BASKETBALL 10,000TM is a basketball training program created to work on the one most important element of the game – Ball Handling! This challenge is a daily (or when you can do it) 15-20 minute fast-paced series of ball handling skills that will tighten up those handles! The magic number 10,000 can be traced back in time – some say 10,000 hours of the same focus or skill(s) will make one “an expert.” Let’s look at Michael Jordan! With Basketball 10,000 an athlete can earn a rockin’ BASKETBALL 10,000 t-shirt and be inducted into the Basketball 10,000 Wall of Fame! It’s fast, organized, motivationally-based and will become a key part of training!

Includes full video instruction and worksheet to record progress. Link to video and digital files will be sent to you after purchase.

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