SOLD OUT – August 14-17, 2017 Serve-Pass-Hit Season Prep Volleyball Camp II


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Over 70 athletes prepared for their season for the last two summers and we have expanded this awesome camp to TWO SESSIONS! We will focus on the details of outside, middle, and opp (right-side) hitting, one day of strengthening your overhand serve, and a full day of perfecting your essential passing technique. The final day will provide time for transition volleyball (scrimmage-like play). Following this morning session, CAMPERS (only) may enroll in a semi-private training session. This one-hour session will continue to build on the number of coached and corrected touches. These sessions will close at 20 athletes. First come – first serve, pass, and hit!!!
*Semi-Private Session is optional – Separate enrollment

Monday – Thursday, August 14-17, 2017 2:00-5:00
Semi-Private Session from 5:15-6:15
Monday – Serve, Tuesday – Pass, Wednesday – Hit, Thursday – All Three
(Sign up for a semi-private session by using the drop down menu and adding to your cart. You can sign up for as many or few semi-private sessions as you’d like, as long as you’re enrolled in camp.)

5th-8th Graders (rising)

West Austin Youth Association   1314 Exposition Blvd Austin, TX 78703

  • * Please note that this is the same camp that is offered in the morning. The same material will be covered in both camps. To sign up for the morning session instead, go here.

By signing up for this event, you are agreeing to the following:
COACH Deborah A. Newkirk and COACH ‘EM UP affiliates will not be held responsible for any injuries during practice/training session(s). I have been made aware of the possible risk of injury as it may occur during physical activity. To my knowledge, my child is healthy and has no existing life-threatening conditions.
YES, I approve of filming/photographing, for instructor/teaching purposes, posting on website or social media, and for teaching, marketing flyers/posters. NO LAST NAMES will be associated or noted with any images. NO NAMES, SCHOOLS, REC CENTER nor means of identifying your child will directly be used. (Note: We cannot control background images ie. school name, mascot, banners.)

Event Details

Date: August 14, 2017- August 17, 2017

Start time: 02:00 p.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.

Venue: West Austin Youth Association


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