Brushy Creek Community Center is offering Homeschool Physical Education. Nationally recognized Physical Educator and business owner, Deborah Newkirk has taught P.E. for 20 years. She holds her Masters' Degree in Physical Education. The class schedule will follow the RRISD school calendar. Families can expect a seamless curriculum based on our National Physical Education Standards; offering age-appropriate games, activities, challenges, and cross-curriculum lessons. CEU Homeschool P.E. will teach the basic introduction and skills sets necessary for a long list of team and individual games, activities, and fitness concepts. Building confidence will be our common goal! Team-building activities will add a cooperative learning/leadership twist to a complete semester of Physical Education! Children will learn and have fun through the delicate blend of movement (basic body mechanics) and knowledge (rules, concepts, strategies) in a POSITIVE and meaningful P.E. experience in a beautiful, and safe facility.