Teaching Tip

Volleyball – Ball*Tape*Spot*Back to Ball and SERVE!  Have you ever thought about what a server looks at prior to serve.  Watch the server’s eyes and attempt to discover his/her rhythm or pattern (if there is one).  A tip to include eye movement in the serving routine and in muscle-memory is to coach the athlete to go from the BALL to the top of the net-TAPE, through the net at the SPOT and BACK TO THE BALL for execution.

Basketball – Have you watched the eyes of your shooter?  Ask your shooter what he/she looks at when shooting the ball.  I’m always amazed at the number of young players who say “the backboard” (this is when I ask where they shoot from if shooting in the middle of the paint – straight on with the rim).  It seem to be pretty even with “space above the rim” to “the back of the rim” to “the front of the rim” — Who am I to say which is right or wrong?  But we do know this – to train the shooter’s eye to find the “W” on the FRONT of the rim (where the net connect to the iron), we can teach Up and Over for a nice, extended gooseneck finish.  I find this ideal for a lost shooter – one who is not clear kinesthetically speaking on where he/she looks.  By the way,  I still look at the “space above the rim.”  I wonder what MJ looks at?