Teaching Tip

Volleyball – Stopping the Whip!  The “whip” is the forward motion of the serving arm.  This is an additional movement that many young overhand servers can eliminate by practicing good throwing form.  It’s during the toss that the striking hand likes to whip forward.  By throwing that tennis ball against a gym wall, the young athlete will focus on the striking hand “pulling” and staying back and all motion moving forward.  Eliminating the whip will simplify the serving movement and clean up that serve!

Basketball – This week at The University of Texas Basketball Camp I saw something I would like to share.  It’s called Texas Pride!  The concept is brilliant and for your practice plan development consider this…  A simple series of quick, end to end (full court/transition) timed skills/drills will warm up your athletes along with place continued emphasis on those ever so important fundamentals.  It might look something similar to; side-center-side, followed by 3 man weave, star passing drill, lay ups, pull up jumpers, to defensive slide drill.  The progression of drills becomes a daily part of your athletes practice time giving them something to count on and buy into as a critical part of their skill base.