Teaching Tip

Volleyball – Hitters! What do you do with that “off” hand (one not contacting the ball) at contact?  Most young players tend to just let it fly around and really not consider its placement!  This tip will help you!  As we consider the torque of the athlete (hips, shoulders, external obliques) when hitting the volleyball, also consider the importance of pulling the left arm in tight.  Think of the gain of speed a figure skater demonstrates when he/she is at their tightest position!  Bring that off arm in with a fist directly/naturally under your chin and GET MORE TORQUE!

Basketball – Some of the BEST JUMPERS in basketball are Volleyball Players! When rebounding or extending, lengthen as long as you can!  Most rebounders grab the ball as it’s coming down and his/her elbows are low.  Your timing will need to be adjusted slightly but remember these two things to complete your longest rebound 1)draw contact with your upper back & 2)maintain those 90 degree elbows to prepare your optimal jumping abilities.  And one more note – practice the 2nd & 3rd rebounding attempt (like that volleyball blocker!)