Teaching Tip

Volleyball – Learning to Lengthen! While flexibility is extremely important for volleyball athletes, especially through the hips, many athletes are limited to their movement (to the ball).  With all that comes with growing, athletes of all ages should push the limits and practice lengthening!  One the muscles are heated, stretched both dynamically and with static stretching, the athlete should STEP and STICK (their platform) for optimal reach.  Learning to roll out of the low and aggressive lengthened stance is the next step!

Basketball – Visual Messages are great when teaching young players!  Example, the basketball follow-through has a beautiful and necessary finish when we put the “hand in the cookie jar” — so bring that cookie jar to practice, have players (after your demonstration) reach over the edge and lift that oreo right out of there!  That awesome, exaggerated wrist flick/bend will reinforce their good muscle-memory!

By the way – I recently taught an old lesson of SHOOTING OUT OF A PHONE BOOTH! No one – not a single player knew what a phone booth was!!!! Ok, next lesson will be SHOOTING OUT OF A REFRIGERATOR BOX!