Teaching Tip

Volleyball – “Left foot parallel with the net!”  When a player is attacking/hitting and those final two steps (the step-close) of the 3 step hitting approach are coming in strong, have your athlete focus on her PLANT FOOT to complete the lateral momentum with her left foot (right-handed player) parallel, or nearly parallel with the net.  It is key to get the most out of her core in terms of torque, so get set up NOT directly facing the net, but at this good open-hips position.

Basketball – One important Man to Man Defensive principle is – “Beat the Ball.”  Having your players swing the ball from wing to wing, See if the help-side defense can move fast enough to Beat the Ball – In other word, start the ball at the top of the key, on your whistle, swing the ball from wing to point back to the other wing as a race.  Using blue painter’s tape, the goal is for the defense to get in position before the ball reaches the hands of its intended receiver.  A game to 5 points (and switch) keeps it fun and interesting!  (Coaches, allow the skip pass in this shell drill if they’re ready!)