Teaching Tip

Volleyball – The volley-lite is one of the best things to happen with the game and it’s young players.  The one area you might step away from using it is with setting.  The weight of a small (27″ junior ball is great) basketball will let the ball fall down into the hands/wrist, forcing the wrists to be more involved.  Just be careful if it falls through – keep the window at your hairline and extend or lengthen your body with each set.

Basketball – The spin move is a great cross-over, redirecting move to lose your defender.  Unfortunately, young players “carry” the ball early on and it’s a tough habit to break!  Practice jabbing the opposite foot forward and keeping the hand(s) or pads on TOP of the ball.  Throwing your chin to your shoulder quickly will allow the ball-handler’s eyes to get in place before the ball.  Athletes learn best when working in a zig-zag pattern (and not straight up and down the floor).