Meet Augie

Augie knows how to work hard and achieve!  He recently accomplished one of his basketball goals of meeting the tough challenge of BASKETBALL 10,000!  This interview with Augie will give you more insight into our newest champion.

Q: How long have you played basketball?
A: I’ve played for two years and have been on four teams.

Q: How many hours, on the average, do you play and train for your favorite game?
A: Between games, shooting in my driveway, private lessons, my team practice and games, about 2 to 3 hours a day!

Q: Who is your favorite NBA team?
A: OKC Thunder!  My favorite player is Kevin Durant.

Q: What has Basketball 10,000 done for your game?
A: It’s made my hands and dribbling better.  I’m left-handed and play on the wing and it’s made my right hand stronger.

Q: What’s a summer goal you have?
A: Lots of camps and play all the time!

Congratulations, Augie, for being inducted into the BASKETBALL 10,000 Wall of Fame!

I can’t wait to introduce the next Basketball 10,000 Wall of Famer – maybe it will be you!  Visit my Basketball 10,000 page for more info and I’ll see you on the court!