Volleyball 10,000, Basketball 10,000 & Stronger 10,000 are programs that we’re designed to motivate young players and students.   These do-it-at-home or take-it-up-to-the-gym programs were built around having organized fun and to help download essential skill muscle memory through ball handling and full-body strengthening, balance, and intentional movements.  The programs are at no cost to you and we encourage all to spread the word.

COACH ‘EM UP would like to introduce and offer our incentive-based 10,000 T-Shirt Project for your class, team, league, or camp. Honor and reward your kiddos with a t-shirt!  This two-sided t-shirt has a huge “10,000” across the back so when asked, “what does that 10,000 stand for,” they can say, “I did 10,000 touches of the game I love” or the “a challenge to get stronger that I accomplished.”  Our COACH ‘EM UP logo is on the front and if you’d like, we grant you permission to add and place your logo on a sleeve.  Once your participants have successfully completed the program, simply go to our website shop and order your t-shirts.  We will send a one-time shipment to your door.  We must have a minimum of 10 participant’s t-shirt sizes and the cost is only $10 per child, plus shipping & handling.
Please share with us your success stories!  We would LOVE to help support and encourage your team through our programs and our 10,000 T-Shirt Project – please send us pics and posts!