Deborah Newkirk is an award winning coach and educator who has taught the fundamentals of sport for over thirty years.

IMG_6760A Kansas native, she received her Masters of Science degree from Pittsburg State University. In 1989, Deborah began working for University of Kansas head coach Marian Washington. She later became an Assistant Coach for the University of Kansas and was blessed to be part of a Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament finish in 1999. She has since taught students and coaches in private schools, sports leagues, and youth associations. In 2009 she began Coach ‘Em Up and in 2013 developed the CEU Certified Coach program to reach more young people through her program.

Deborah has had the privilege of working with amazing athletes and coaches during her career. In 2009, she teamed up with longtime friend and basketball legend, Lynette Woodard, Olympian & Naismith Hall of Famer, to create Rule 13 Athletics and offer basketball and volleyball clinics. In 2015 she partnered with Let’s Pepper Volleyball to offer clinics in Lousiana and with The Art of Coaching Volleyball to offer skill videos to a national audience.  

In 2013, Deborah launched Court in a Bag, a product line of coaching tools that she personally developed out of necessity over the years. One of her favorite projects is Basketball 10,000™ and Volleyball 10,000™, a training program that builds a player’s skill by coaching them through 10,000 drills. Young athletes are introduced to the program in her camps and clinics and some have returned years later, having completed the program.